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Student athletes require more specialized care during their growing years.  Our experienced team of experts has a complete understanding of the active student – this unique age appropriate care is focused to get them back playing as quickly and safely as possible.

Our comprehensive team of pediatric and adolescent experts have a complete understanding of the young athlete. We deliver focused patient care that gets athletes back playing as quickly and safely as possible.

Sports Medicine at Nationwide Children’s Hospital has a long-standing relationship with the New Albany community, providing sports medicine services and health and wellness education to New Albany middle and high school student-athletes since 2005. We work with the New Albany Plain Local Schools Athletic Department, coaches and parents to provide treatment for concussions and all sports injuries. Our team of physicians and athletic trainers provide front line injury prevention as well to help keep these student athletes on the field/court/track and playing the sports they love. The Nationwide Children’s Sports Medicine program also works with several New Albany Parks and Recreation leagues, Community Dance Programs, etc. to provide skilled concussion baseline testing, injury prevention and education to athletes and their families. Learn how New Albany boy’s soccer player Will Rogers overcame a torn ACL injury to safety return to play.

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