For you. For your neighbors. For everyone.

You were the inspiration behind the Heit Center. Where a forward thinking approach to health and wellness is centered around the concept of developing personalized health plans. Why? Because addressing the unique needs of each individual will improve the collective health of our entire community.

Our Partners

No other health and wellness center in America can offer the expertise and resources these world-class organizations bring to our programs and services.

A community investment

The vision for a New Albany health and wellness facility began taking shape in 2010. With an investment of $13 million from City Council, the center is a beautiful resource for our community today.

A great location at the center of the city

The Heit Center was built on land graciously donated by the New Albany Company.

Growing the city

The Heit Center has already spurred village development opportunities. The first phase of the Market & Main project is bringing new retail and restaurants to the Village Center.


We considered every factor that contributes to a person’s health and wellness. Then we designed and equipped an environment that addresses them all. Unlike the gyms or workout facilities you’re familiar with, the Heit Center connects all the components of health and fitness in a single environment.

Take a class, or four

Exercise fitness, healthy cooking, lectures by experts, and other various events broaden your horizons and allow you to go beyond the routine. Consider them a first step toward a healthier lifestyle. Who knows, you may learn something that inspires you to take the next step.


Part of the plan

Like the walking trails that lead to the Heit Center, the Farmer’s Market that takes place on the lawn, or the community garden you’ll find in the green space across Main Street, the Heit Center is part of an overall commitment to the health of New Albany.

Be a part of something more

Meet other residents and create bonds that go beyond the center.

Philip Heit The core inspiration and namesake of our center, Philip Heit is the driving force behind building a healthier community.

Regarded as one of the most recognized educators and leaders in his field, Heit is a Professor Emeritus of Physical Activity and Educational Services at The Ohio State University.

Heit is also the founder of Healthy New Albany, the New Albany Walking Club and the New Albany Walking Classic.